Malt Extract RD50


    A hot water extract of roasted, malted barley, concentrated and spray dried. Free from additives.

    AppearanceDark Brown or black granular powder; free from extraneous matter


    (EBC 430nm)
    28500 to 31500
    FlavourConsistent characteristic; mild roast; burnt taost or coffee like; free from fermented ,strong or off flavours
    OdourCharacteristic roasted milk; burnt toast; coffee like; free from fermented & foreign odours
    Particle sizeMax 425 micron
    (10% w/v)
    3.0 to 3.8
    (Dry Wt %)
    Min 96 %
    (EBC 0.2% w/v)
    Max 4.0 %
    StorageStore at 15-25°C in dry conditions.
    Packaging25kg Blue polyethylene liner contained in sack
    Shelf life1 year minimum: once opened reseal bags


    Total Viable Count
    Max 1000 /g
    YeastsMax 100 /g
    MouldsMax 100 /g
    Pathogenic BacteriaFree from pathogenic bacteria
    Thermophillic SporesAerobic: Max 10/g
    Anaerobic: Max 10/g

    Direct Food Ingredients will ensure that any material supplied this specification will confirm to the above physical and chemical properties. However, we have no control over the use of the material and can accept no responsibility for problems caused by the customer's failure to ensure the material supplied is suitable for the intended use.

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