AppearanceWhite odourless powder
    OriginVegetable starch, Synthetic from glucose
    CAS No.3458-28-4
    EINECS No.222-392-4
    Ingredients DeclarationD-Mannose: Min 95%
    Glucose: Max 5%
    Water: Max 2%


    (by HPLC)
    Solubility in Water2480g/l
    Tapped Density0.3 to 0.5g/ml
    Bulk Density0.2 to 0.4g/ml
    Heavy metals
    (as Pb)
    Max 10 ppm
    Loss on drying0.395%
    Specific Optical Rotation
    14.6° (C=10, water, 24h)
    Mesh SizeMin 20

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