Garlic Granules Roasted


    Ground particles of sound, dehydrated, matured and roasted Garlic bulbs (Allium sativum)

    AppearanceLight creamy to fawn coloured coarse ground particles
    Ingredients DeclarationRoasted Garlic
    AromaCharacteristic of roasted garlic
    Allergen informationsNone


    MoistureMax 6 %
    FlavourCharacteristic of roasted garlic
    Particle sizeMin 90% retained on a 4000 micron sieve
    Max 10% through 2000 micron Sieve
    AshMax 8 %
    Metal DetectionFerrous: 3.5mm
    Non Ferrous: 5mm
    SS: 5mm
    The product is passed over 6000 Gauss rare earth magnets
    Extraneous Matter
    Max 1 %
    Nutritional Information
    (Typical values per 100g)
    Energy:365KCal / 1527kJ
    Total Carbohydrate:73.3g
    Total Fat:0.6g
    Dietary Fibre:1.9g
    StorageKeep closed in a cool,dry warehouse, out of direct sunlight. Store seperately from odoriferous materials.
    Packaging25kg Polythene lined multiwall paper sack
    Shelf life12 months from date of manufacture when stored unopened in original packaging under stated storage conditions.


    ColiformsMax 100 cfu/g
    Total Viable CountMax 250000 cfu/g
    YeastsMax 500 cfu/g
    MouldsMax 1000 cfu/g
    SalmonellaAbsent /25g
    Escherichia ColiMax 10 cfu/g

    The product will conform to the requirements of the Food Safety Act

    Direct Food Ingredients will ensure that any material supplied this specification will confirm to the above physical and chemical properties. However, we have no control over the use of the material and can accept no responsibility for problems caused by the customer's failure to ensure the material supplied is suitable for the intended use.

    This specification has been last modified on Wed 27 April 2011 (566)

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