Castor Oil


    AppearanceA clear almost colourless or slightly yellow viscous liquid, odour very slight and characteristic, taste at first bland but afterwards slightly acrid


    SolubilitySoluble in chloroform and in ether, slightly soluble in light petroleum; Miscible with etahnol (96% with glacial acetic acid
    Refractive index
    (@ 200°C)
    1.477 to 1.481
    Specific Gravity0.952 to 0.965@ 20°C
    Unsaponifiable MatterMax 0.8 %
    Peroxide valueMax 5.0
    176 to 187
    Specific Optical Rotation+3.5 to 6.0°
    Acid ValueMax 2.0
    82 to 90
    Hydroxyl ValueMin 150 mg KOH/g
    Max 1.0
    Shelf life2 Years

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