Semolina Standard Grade Granular Powder


    A free flowing pale cream coloured granular powder milled from 100% durum wheat.

    OriginPotentially sourced from France, UK, Canada & Spain (other countries may be used according to availability). Semolina manufactured in the UK
    Allergen informationsCereals: Wheat & Wheat derivatives


    Moisture14 to 15%
    ColourL* 78-90
    B* Min 21
    Particle sizeStandard semolina is milled to produce a particle size range between 425μ and 150μ.
    Particle sizes outside this range are permissable to the limits shown below:
    >500μ: 0 - 10%
    >425μ: 5 - 15%
    <150μ: 0 - 18%
    (Dry weight Basis)
    Max 1.05 %
    Heavy metalsArsenic:1.0mg/kg
    Speck TestMax 10
    (n x 5.7)
    Min 12.0 % (dry weight basis)
    GlutenWet: Min 25g
    Dry: Min 9.2g
    Falling NumberMin 250 Seconds
    StorageShould be stored in a cool, dry, infestation free place.
    PackagingBulk tankers, 1 tonne flexible IBC, 25kg paper sack unit
    Shelf lifeIf storage conditions observed semolina should not deteriorate for 6 months but every effort should be made to use the product within 3 months.


    ColiformsMax 100 cfu/g
    Total Viable CountMax 100000 cfu/g
    YeastsMax 5000 cfu/g
    MouldsMax 5000 cfu/g
    Staphylococcus aureusMax 200 cfu/g
    SalmonellaNegative /250g
    Clostridium PerfringensMax 30 cfu/g
    Bacillus Cereus
    Max 100 cfu/g
    Escherichia Coli
    Max 10 cfu/g
    PesticidesMulti-residue pesticide screen

    Direct Food Ingredients will ensure that any material supplied this specification will confirm to the above physical and chemical properties. However, we have no control over the use of the material and can accept no responsibility for problems caused by the customer's failure to ensure the material supplied is suitable for the intended use.

    This specification has been last modified on Tue 24 May 2011 (598)

    Product also known as : Allergen

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