Dry Vitamin E-Acetate 50% DC


    AppearanceDry, almost white, virtually odourless, free-flowing powder, consisting of spherical particles.
    CompositionIngredients in descending order of weight:
    DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, corn starch, gelatin, sucrose, sodium aluminium silicate.
    CAS No.52225-20-4
    EINECS No.231-710-0


    AssayMin 50 %
    SolubilityDispersible in warm water (35 to 40°C) to form a mily emulsion. Insoluble particles may be visible.
    Bulk DensityApprox. 0.5g/ml
    StabilityThe stability of Dry Vitamin E-Acetate 50% DC is excellent even in the presence of minerals.
    Stored in its original packaging at room temperature (max 25°C) the product is stable for at least 36 months.
    StorageThe product should be stored in the original packaging in a dry place at room temperature (max 25°C)
    Packaging25kg bag in box
    Shelf life3 years

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