Organic Spirulina Powder


    AppearanceFine green powder


    TasteMild like seaweed
    WaterMax 7 %
    AshMax 7 %
    Heavy metals
    (Pb, As)
    Max 3.0 ppm
    ArsenicMax 0.5 ppm
    LeadMax 2.0 ppm
    Mesh Size120
    ProteinMin 60 %
    MercuryMax 0.05 ppm
    Carotenoids LevelTotal: Min 350mg/100g
    Beta-Carotenoids: Min 100mg/100g
    PlantArthrospira plantensis
    Crude PhycocyaninMin 10 %
    ChlorophyllMin 1000 mg/100g
    StorageStore in a cool dry place. Do not freeze. Keep away from strong direct light
    Packaging5kg sacks
    Shelf life3 Years


    YeastsMax 90 cfu/g
    MouldsMax 90 cfu/g
    Bacterial Count
    Max 100000 cfu/g
    Pathogenic BacteriaNot detected
    Staphylococcus aureusnot detected
    SalmonellaNot detected
    ShigellaNot detected

    Direct Food Ingredients will ensure that any material supplied this specification will confirm to the above physical and chemical properties. However, we have no control over the use of the material and can accept no responsibility for problems caused by the customer's failure to ensure the material supplied is suitable for the intended use.

    This specification has been last modified on Fri 13 January 2012 (914)

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