Mixed Tocopherol 70%


    Tocopherol 70% is a liquid formulation, which contains the antioxident d-mixed tocopherols in a vegetable oil.

    Chemical named-alpha tocopherol, d-beta-tocopherol,d-gamma-tocopherol, d-delta-tocopherol, triaglycerol
    ((at 20)
    Clear-slightly hazy liquid
    UsageThis product is soluble in oil /fat and insulouble in water. Added into fat or oil of 20-50
    ApplicationsVegetable and animal fats and oils, meat and poultry products, sea food products, potato products, mayonnaise, dressings, cereals and similar products
    CAS No.d-alpha-tocopherol: 59-02-9
    d-beta-tocopherol: 16698-35-4
    d-gamma-tocopherol: 54-28-4
    d-delta-tocopherol: 119-13-1
    sunflower oil: 8001-21-6
    EINECS No.d-alpha-tocopherol: 200-412-2
    d-beta-tocopherol: 240-747-1
    d-gamma-tocopherol: 200-201-5
    d-delta-tocopherol: 204-299-0
    sunflower oil: 232-273-9
    E numberd-alpha-tocopherol: E306
    d-beta-tocopherol: E306
    d-gamma-tocopherol: E306
    d-delta-tocopherol: E306
    sunflower oil:
    Allergen informationsSoybeans and products thereof
    Directions of useRecommended in use concentration in fats and oils is 150-750 ppm (150-750g per metric ton)
    Kosher statusKosher certified (by Supplier)
    GMO statusNot derived from genetically modified organisms (GMO) and falls outside the scope of EU Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003
    Irradiation StatusThe raw materials have not been irradiated at any point during the manufacturing process
    Typical PropertiesTotal content d-mixed tocopherols*: 70%
    of which d-gamma and d-delta-tocopherol**: 80


    ColourYellow brown
    Refractive index
    1.495 to 1.510
    Relative Density
    0.938 to 0.963
    PCR AnalysisQualitative analysis 35S promotor: Negative
    Qualitative analysis NOS Terminator: Negative
    StorageStore in a cool (15-25
    Shelf life12 months after production when stored under the above mentioned conditions in original unopened packaging.

    The additives used in Tocopherol 70% are permitted according to the EC directive 95/2/EC and its amendments. Local regulations should always be consulted with to specific applications and necessary declarations.

    Direct Food Ingredients will ensure that any material supplied this specification will confirm to the above physical and chemical properties. However, we have no control over the use of the material and can accept no responsibility for problems caused by the customer's failure to ensure the material supplied is suitable for the intended use.

    This specification has been last modified on Thu 22 July 2010 (24)

    Product also known as : E306

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