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Published: 16/10/2019


AppearanceColourless crystals or a white, granular to fine powder, practically odourless, with a strong acid taste.
Appearance of solutionMeets EP requirements (Visual test)
StorageStore in the un opened original container
Shelf life36 Months
CAS No.5949-29-1
EINECS No.201-069-1
E numberE330
Molecular FormulaC6H8O7.H2O
Country of originBelgium
Chemical name2-hydroxy-1, 2, 3-propanetricarboxylic acid monohydrate


IdentificationMeets Requirements
Water8.10 - 8.70%
Extraneous MatterPasses Test
Colour(500 g/L, T at 405 nm, 1cm)98.00 - 100.00%
Readily Carbonisable SubstancesMeets requirements
Heavy metals<1 ppm, mg/kg
Arsenic<1 ppm, mg/kg
Lead<0.5 ppm, mg/kg
Mercury<1 ppm, mg/kg
Molecular Mass210.14 g/mol
Clarity & Colour of SolutionMeets USP Requirements
Barium Max:1ppm<1 ppm, mg/kg
Copper Max:1ppm<1 ppm, mg/kg
Zinc Max:1ppm<1 ppm, mg/kg
Iron (Fe) Max:1ppm<1 ppm, mg/kg
Calcium (Ca) Max:10ppm<10 ppm, mg/kg
Magnesium (Mg) Max:1ppm<1 ppm, mg/kg
Aluminium Max:0.2ppm<0.2 ppm, mg/kg
Chloride (Cl) Max:5ppm<5 ppm, mg/kg
Sulphate Max:30ppm<30 ppm, mg/kg
Oxalates Max:10ppm<10 ppm, mg/kg
Sulphated ashMeets FCC Requirements. Max 0.05% on 4g
Assay99.80 - 100.50%
SolubilityCitric Acid Monohydrate is very soluble in water, freely soluble in ethanol and sparingly soluble in ether
Mesh Size(On 20 mesh (850μm)) Max:5%
Mesh Size(through 100 mesh (150μm)) Max:5%