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DL MALIC ACID 25 100 MESH - DFI-099140

Published: 17/08/2018


Country of originChina
Shelf life Max:24months
StoragePreserve in tight containers.
CharacteristicWhite or nearly white crystalline powder or granules malate test: Positive.


Assay99 to 100.5%
Melting point127 to 132°C
Fumaric Acid Max:1%
Maleic Acid Max:0.05%
Insoluble Matter(Water) Max:0.1%
Residue on ignition Max:0.1%
Heavy metals Max:10ppm
Arsenic Max:2ppm
Lead Max:2ppm
Identification BIR absorption
Specific Rotation-0.10° to +0.10°
Mercury Max:1ppm
Chemical FormulaC4H6O5