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Published: 04/06/2019


Molecular weight116.1
CAS No.110-17-8
E number297
DescriptionFurmaric Acid is found abundantly in nature. Fumaric Acid has a slight acid taste. It is free flowing, stable and non-hygroscopic.
AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
OdourNo Odour
Shelf life24 months
StorageFumaric Acid is slightly inflammable. It should be stored away from sources of ignition. The packed bags should be kept in the shade, dry and protected from rain.
Country of originIndia
UsageFumaric Acid can replace traditional acidulants in the preparation of fruit juice drinks at substantial material and cost savings.


Assay(on dry basis) Min:99.5wt.%
Maleic Acid Max:0.05wt.%
Residue on ignition(sulphated ash) Max:0.05wt.%
Loss on drying Max:0.25wt.%
Colour(5% Alcohol solution) Max:20APHA
Heavy metals(as pb)Max 5 ppm, mg/kg
Lead(as pb)Max 2 ppm, mg/kg
Arsenic(as As)Max 1 ppm, mg/kg
Solubility(in water at 30°C)0.7 g/100 ml
Mesh Size(Powder)Min 99% passing through USS 20 mesh
Mesh Size(Powder)Max 60 % passing through USS 120 mesh
Packaging25 kg bags
HandlingWhile handling Fumaric acid safety googles, dust respirator and rubber gloves are recommended.