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Published: 25/10/2018


Aqueous SolutionClear and almost colourless or slightly amber in colour
Dosage10 g/hL (100 ppm)
StorageStore in the original packaging at room temperature (0 to 22ºC), in a dry and odourless room.
Shelf life36 months
Country of originFrance


AspectPowder & Fine friable granulates
ColourWhite powder; very slightly amber in solution
Solubility in WaterComplete
Solubility in AlcoholComplete
Acid(Tartaric Acid content) Min:105%
Content(Particularity)Very Hygroscopic
Heavy metals(Pb) Max:10ppm
Lead Max:2ppm
Mercury Max:1ppm
Arsenic Max:3ppm
Esters(Polytartryl Special)35.5 to 37
Esters(Polytartryl)37 to 39
Esters(Super Polytartryl)39 to 41
PropertiesInhibitor of potassium bitartrate crystallisation
PackagingBag of 1kg, 5kg, 25kg