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Published: 30/10/2018


Country of originIndonesia
Shelf life Max:60months
AppearanceWhite, almost white or colourless, fine, silky needles, often in clusters.
CAS No.6119-47-7
StorageKeep container tightly closed. Store at room temperature (below 30°C) protect from light.
Appearance of solutionSolution is clear and not more intensely coloured than reference solution Y6


pH6 to 6.8
Specific Optical Rotation-245 to 258°
Chloroform(Alcohol Insoluble Substance)Solution is clear
Dihydroquinine Max:10%
Impurities(Any Impurity Eluted Before Quinine) Max:5%
Impurities(Other) Max:0.2%
SulphateConforms (500 ppm)
BariumNot more opalescence than standard solution.
Readily Carbonisable SubstancesThe solution is no darker than matching fluid M
Loss on drying6 to 10%
Sulphated ash Max:0.1%
Assay99 to 101%
Toluene Max:100ppm
Benzene Max:2ppm
Content(Test Chromatogram TLC)The principal spot sample similar with the reference solution.
Bromine(Ammonia tests)A green colour develops.
Content(Fluorescence)An intense blue fluorescence appears which disappear on addition of hydrochloric acid.
Chloride (Cl)(characteristics.)The solution gives the reaction of chlorides.
Solubility in Ethanol(96%)Freely Soluble
Solubility in WaterSoluble
Disregard Limit Max:0.2%