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Chemical namePolygalloyl quinic acids, hydrolysable tannic acid
AppearanceYellow brown granular powder, free of visible impurities
OdourSlight in solution, typical tannic acid
Shelf life60 Months
Country of originBelgium
CAS No.1401-55-4
EINECS No.215-753-2
Storagestore in a dry area in its original closed packaging and ambient temperatures 5-25 °C


Content(Tannic acid on dry material) Min:96%
Ash Max:0.3%
Moisture Max:7%
Gardner colour value(10% m/V - ethanol) Max:11%
Solubility(20% m/V in water)Clear
Solubility(20% m/V in ethanol)Clear
Resin test(FCC)Clear
Gum test(FCC)Clear
Heavy metals Max:20ppm
Lead Max:2ppm
Arsenic Max:3ppm
Density0.35-0.45 g/cm3
pH(1 % m/V in water)2.5-3.5
Packaging25 kg

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