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Country of originUK
Shelf life12 Months
AppearanceA deep Orange Mobile Liquid
DescriptionAn extract of paprika (capsicum Annuum) standardised for colour strength using refined vegetable oil. Complies with regulation 1334/2008; intended to be added to food in order to impart or modify odour and or taste with a secondary colouring effect.
StorageTo be kept in tightly closed containers in a cool, dry store. It is important that this product is protected from exposure to direct sunlight.


Pigment ContentThe principle pigment is the carotenoid capsanthin
Colour Strengthhe E 1% to be not less than 60.0 when measured at lambda max. closest to 454nm in acetone in a 1 cm cuvette against diluent as blank
Pigment ContentTypically 2.9% w/w

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