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Published: 02/08/2016


AppearanceSlightly opalescent white powder
DescriptionUncoated, high purity anatase pigment of titanium dioxide
StorageStore i the dark at 10°C to 20°C and protect from extremes of temperature
Shelf life12 months stored in full sealed containers. If stored for longer the product must be re-evaluated before use.
ApplicationsBeverages, confectionery, bakery, desserts e.t.c
DosageFrom 0.01% W/W
Country of ManufactureUK


ClassifciationNaturally derived colour
Assay Min:99%
Whiteness Min:97%
Loss on drying(@105°C) Max:0.5%
Loss on Ignition(@ 800°C) Max:1%
Bulk Density0.55 g/cm3 Typical
Content Max:2%
Antimony (Sb) Max:50ppm
Arsenic Max:3ppm
Lead Max:10ppm
Mercury Max:1ppm
Zinc Max:50ppm
Cadmium Max:1ppm
Barium Max:60ppm
Iron (Fe) Max:200ppm
Nutritional Information0 Kcals, The material is not metobolised by the body


Total plate count Max:1000per g
Total yeasts and moulds Max:100per g
SalmonellaNegative in 25g

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