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BRC Certified

CARAMEL COLOUR S11114 - DFI-781833



DescriptionA plain spirit caramel colour prepared by controlled heat treatment of carbohydrates
Country of ManufactureUK
CompositionSTR Caramel colour E150a
AppearanceA brown coloured liquid
StorageStore in the dark at 10°C to 20°C and protect from extremes of temperature
Shelf life6 Months stored in full sealed containers. If stored for longer the product must be re-evaluated before use
ApplicationsBeverages, confectionery, bakery, desserts etc
DosageFrom 0.1% W/W


ClassifciationNatural colour
Country of originUK, France, Belgium, Italy
Colour Intensity(Abs units@ 610 nm; 0.1% (w/v) solution in deionized water)0.044
pH3.3 to 4.3
Other Ingredients / AdditivesAbsent
Heavy metalsN/A
Nutritional InformationThe nutritional content of colurings, does not contribute to the nutritional value of foods due to the extremely low use. Nutritional data is available on request


Total plate countMax 10,000 per gram
Total yeasts and mouldsMax 100 per gram
SalmonellaNegative in 25 grams

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