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BRC Certified

CARAMEL COLOUR S33991 - DFI-566571



Negative Sulphite Armonia Caramel, Caramel prepared by controlled heat treatment of carbohydrates with Sulphides and Ammonia
E numberE150d
AppearanceA deep brown viscous liquid
StorageCool, protected from light
Shelf life12 Months from manufacture
Country of ManufactureUK


Specific Gravity @15.5°C1.266 to 1.277
pH2.5 to 3
Colour Intensity(0.1% SOLN @ 610 nm)239 to 247
Colloidal ChargeNegative
Heavy metals Max:40ppm
Arsenic Max:3ppm
Lead Max:10ppm
PackagingJerricans 5kg and 25kg


Total plate count Max:100per g
Total yeasts and moulds Max:10per g
SalmonellaNegative in 25 g

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