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BRC Certified




The product shall be prepared from sound quality garlic cloves which have been peeled, washed, dried, milled and metal detected in accordance with good manufacturing practice and complying with all UK & EU Food Laws.
Country of ManufactureUK
Shelf life24 Months
AppearanceTypical of garlic, creamy to beige colour
TextureWhen prepared as a paste it should be smoothe, not gritty
StorageStore in a cool dry warehouse, maximum ambient temperature 16° C maximum relative humidity 70% preferred


Mesh Size(to be retained on a 500-micron sieve) Max:5%
FlavourThe characteristic strong flavour and odour of garlic
Foreign MatterPractically free from in accordance with good manufacturing practice
Moisture Max:7%
Extraneous Matter Max:1%
PackagingThe product is packed in lined corrugated cartons


Total Viable CountMax 750,000 per g
ColiformsMax 100 per g
Escherichia ColiMax 10 per g
Total yeasts and mouldsMax 1000 per g
SalmonellaAbsent in 25g

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