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BRC Certified




DescriptionA hot water extract of kiln dried barley (Hordeum vulgare). Concentrated by vacuum evaporation and spray dried in the addition of a maltodextrin carrier. The product is manufactured according to the standards specificed by the BRC Global Standard for Food
AppearanceLight brown free flowing powder, free from extraneous matter
OdourCharacteristically malty, free from fermented and foreign odours
Shelf life24 Months


FlavourConsistent characteristic, sweet malty flavour, and free from fermented or off flavours
Solids(3 hours 105°C) Min:95%
Colour(10% Solution) Max:32%
Colour Max:40
pH(10% w/v soln)4.8 to 5.8
Particle size(micron) Max:750
Water Max:0.35Aw
Thermophillic Aerobic Spores Max:50/gNot detected
Thermophillic Anaerobic Spores Max:50/gNot detected
Copper1 ppm
Mercury Max:0.01ppm
Iron (Fe) Max:2ppm
Cadmium Max:0.01ppm
Lead Max:0.02ppm
Arsenic Max:0.01ppm
Zinc Max:1ppm
Aflatoxin(B1/B2) Max:2ppb
Aflatoxin(G1/G2) Max:2ppb
Vomitoxin DON Max:20ppb
Ochratoxin A Max:1ppb
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Max:10ppm
NDMA Max:5ppm
Country of originUK


Total Viable Count Max:4000cfu/g
Enterobacteriaceae Max:4/gNot detected
ColiformsNot detected
Escherichia ColiNot detected
Staphylococcus aureusNot detected
SalmonellaNot detected /50g
Clostridium Max:4/gNot detected
Total yeasts and moulds Max:1000cfu/g

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