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SOUR CANDY FLAVOUR 588786 - DFI-516607

Published: 11/12/2018


StorageKeep in original closed containers and store in dark, dry, ventilated conditions.
Shelf life12 months
Country of originUK
AppearanceWhite powder
AromaStrongly of Sour Candy
Dosage0.2.% or 2g per Kg of product
Dosage(Maximum Dose Rate)To suit Application


HandlingUse in accordance with good occupational hygiene and manufacturing procedures.
PackagingAvailable in 20 KG polyethylene lined bag in box.
TasteStrong Sour Candy notes
Flavour ClassificationFlavouring
Carrier(Solvents)Free flow agent (Silicon Dioxide 5.00%) Dextrose Monohydrate 90.86%
Flavour(Ingredients)Flavoring substances