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Published: 19/12/2019


DescriptionCalcium Ascorbate 97% Granular is white to slightly yellow granule, is calcium ascorbate preparation consisting of approximately 97% calcium ascorbate USP/FCC and 3% HMPC.
ApplicationsCalcium Ascorbate 97 SF Granule is mainly used in medicine, food and feed. It can be used in pressing oral and chewing tablets directly and can be used for pressing vitamin complex and complex tables of vitamin and mineral substance.
AppearanceWhite or yellowish fine granules
Shelf life24 months
StorageStore in sealed containers and keep in a dry place away from light.
Country of originChina


IdentificationPositive reaction
Heavy metals(as Pb)<10 ppm
Loss on drying<3.0%
Arsenic<2 ppm
Lead<2 ppm
Particle size>=98 %through 20 mesh
Particle size<=25% through 100 mesh
StabilityIn a tightly closed containers, free from contact with metal and protected from light and moisture.
Fluoride<10 ppm
Bulk Density0.65-0.85 g/ml
Intended UseIt is intended for use in pharmaceutical tablets and nutritional supplements produced by direct compression.