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GUARANA 22% - DFI-662182

Published: 09/08/2018


Country of originSpain
AppearanceBrown fine powder
Shelf life24 months
StorageKeep well closed in a dry and cool location


SolubilitySoluble in water and water- alcohol mixtures
Moisture Max:10%
Ash Max:5%
Residual solvents(Ethanol)In accordance with regulation 32/2009
Heavy metals Max:10ppm
Cadmium Max:1ppm
Mercury Max:0.1ppm
Lead Max:3ppm
Arsenic Max:1ppm
Caffeine22 to 25%
Aflatoxin(B1, B2, G1, G2) Max:4ppb
Aflatoxin Max:2ppb
Benzo(a)pyrene Max:10ppb
Sum of benzo-a-pyrene, Benzo-a-anthracene, Benzo-a-fluor anthene and Chrysene Max:50ppb


Total plate count Max:1000cfu/g
Yeasts & Moulds Max:100cfu/g
Escherichia ColiNegative/g
SalmonellaNegative 25/g

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