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Published: 19/06/2019


CharacteristicA white, fine, armorphous powder, odourless, practically insoluble in water. It dissolves in diluted acids
Appearance(EP)A white fine odourless powder
Shelf life48 Months
Country of ManufactureIsrael
DescriptionA white fine odourless powder, almost insoluble in water and alcohol.
StorageStore in original packaging in a dry, ventilated space.


IdentificationPositive test for Magnesium
Magnesium (Mg)(USP, EP, E528)95.0-100.5%
Soluble Substances(USP, EP, E528) Max:2%
Free acid/alkali(USP, E528) Max:2ml
Insoluble Substances(EP) Max:0.1%
Chloride (Cl)(EP) Max:0.1%
Sulphate(EP) Max:1%
Arsenic(EP)<=4 ppm, mg/kg
Calcium (Ca)(USP, EP)<=1.50 %
Iron (Fe)(EP)0.07 %
Loss on Ignition(USP, EP, E528)29.0-33.0%
Loss on drying(USP, EP, E528)<=2.00%
Lead(USP, EP, E528)0.5-2 ppm, mg/kg
Bulk Density(Untapped HD5)0.25-0.55 g/cc
Tapped Density(HD5)0.4 to 0.6g/cc0.40-0.6g/cc
Solution(EP)to pass test
Carbonate Identification(USP)to pass test
Particle size(HD5)<=5.0 %
Packaging25 kg in multiwall paper bags with separately sealed moisture proof inner polythene bag or big bags.