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Published: 21/06/2019


EC Number231-659-4
CAS No.7681-11-0
DefinitionPotassium Iodide contains not less than 99 per cent and not more than the equivalent of 100.5 percent of KI, calculated
CharacteristicA white powder or colourless crystals, very soluble in water, freely soluble in glycerol, soluble in alcohol
AppearanceTo comply with limit test
Shelf life36 months
Molecular weight166.01
StorageStore in original containers


IdentificationTo comply with tests a and b
AlkalinityTo comply with limit test
IodatesTo comply with limit test
Sulphate (SO4)<=150 ppm, mg/kg
Thiosulphate (S2O3)To comply with limit test
Heavy metals<=10 ppm, mg/kg
Iron (Fe)<=20 ppm, mg/kg
Loss on drying(@105°C for 3 hours) Max:1%
Assay(on dried material)99-100.5%
Mercury<= 0.1 ppm, mg/kg
Arsenic<=1 ppm, mg/kg
Lead<= 3 ppm, mg/kg
Cadmium<= 1 ppm, mg/kg
Nitrate(Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia)Passes test
Barium(and Thiosulphate)Passes test