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NISIN - DFI-178455

Published: 30/04/2018


E numberE234
CAS No.1414-45-5
Country of originTiantai, Zhejiang, China
AppearanceLight brown powder
StorageStore in a cool dry place, keep sealed, avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf life24 months.


Loss on drying Max:3%
pH(10% aqueous solution)3.1 to 3.6
Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Min:50%
Lead Max:1mg/kg
Arsenic Max:1mg/kg
Mercury Max:1mg/kg
Total Heavy Metals(as Pb) Max:10mg/kg
Content(Potency) Min:900IU/mg
Packaging10kg carton (500g*20 bottles)/ 25kg per drum


Total plate count Max:10cfu/g
Coliforms(Bacteria) Max:3MPN/g
Escherichia Coli(in 25g)Negative
Salmonella(in 25g)Negative

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