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Published: 18/09/2018


Shelf life60 Months
Country of originGermany
StorageThis product does not require any special temperature storage conditions. Store in the original package. The product is sensitive to moisture.
DescriptionColourless, elongated, prismatic or cubical crystals, or a white granular powder, stable in air, solution is neutral to litmus, odourless.
E numberE 508 with anti-caking agent
AppearanceWhite crystals


Packaging25kg bags
Assay Min:99%
Sodium (Na) Max:0.5%
Magnesium (Mg)(typical)100 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca)(typical)10 mg/kg
Sulphate (SO4)(typical)100 mg/kg
IdentificationPasses tests for Potassium and Chloride
Acidity or AlkalinityNo pink colour with phenolphthalein, pink colour after addidtion of 0.3ml of 0.02 N NaOH.
BromidesFree From even a transient violet or a permanent orange colour.
IodidesFree From even a transient violet or a permanent orange colour.
Arsenic Max:3mg/kg
Lead Max:2mg/kg
Mercury Max:1mg/kg
Cadmium Max:1mg/kg
Heavy metals Max:5mg/kg
Loss on drying Max:1%
Solubility1 gram dissolves in 2.8ml of water at 25°, and in about 2ml of boiling water; with additives it may produce a cloudy solution or dissolve incompletely; insoluble in alcohol.
Mesh Size0.1- 0.6 mm
Mesh Size0.1- 0.3 mm