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Published: 28/05/2019


DescriptionWhite or off-white granular, slight characteristic odour, freely soluble in water (approx.1400 g/L at 20°C), Less soluble in ethyl alcohol (approx .1 g/L at 20 °C) and practically insoluble in ether. It decomposes at about 270°C.
Usage(Functional use)Preserves (food grade), antimicrobial agent.
CAS No.590-00-1/24634-61-5
E numberE 202
EINECS No.246-376-1
Shelf life24 Months
StorageStore in original closed packaging from sunlight and at ambient temperature (suggest below 38 °C and 70% relative humidity).
AppearanceWhite or off white granular


Molecular Mass(Relative)150.22
IdentificationUltra-violet absorption:UV-Maximum 264+/- 2 nm (Solution of 0.002 g/L in water at PH <3)
Packaging25 kgs
Melting Range133-135°C
Alkalinity(as K2CO3)Passes test <=1%
Acidity(as Sorbic Acid)Passes test <= 1%
Loss on drying(105°C for 3 hours)<=1.0%
Assay(on dry weight basis)<= 99.0%~101.0%
pH(5% water solution)8.5-10.5
Heavy metals(as Lead)<=0.001%
Lead<= 2 ppm, mg/kg
Aldehydes(as Formaldehyde)<= 0.1%
Arsenic<= 3 ppm, mg/kg
Mercury<= 1 ppm, mg/kg
Heat(Stability)No discolouration after 90 minutes at 105 °C
Sulfate(as SO4)<= 380 ppm, mg/kg
Chloride (Cl)<= 180 ppm, mg/kg
Cadmium<= 0.02 ppm, mg/kg
Zinc<= 0.1 ppm, mg/kg
Mercury<= 1 ppm, mg/kg
Organic Volatile ImpuritiesMeets the requirements