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Published: 06/11/2019


CAS No.121-79-9
E numberE310
AppearanceWhite crystal powder
StorageStore in original sealed package, in a cool and dry place, without direct sunlight.
Shelf life24 months
Country of ManufactureChina


Packaging25kg carton or drum
Assay(on the basis)97% ~ 103%
Volatile MatterMax 2 w/w
Heavy metalsMax 10 mg/kg, ppm
ArsenicMax 3 mg/kg, ppm
LeadMax 5 mg/kg, ppm
MercuryMax 1 mg/kg, ppm
Particle size(Mesh)60 ~ 100
Melting point148°C ~ 151°C
Loss on dryingMax 0.5%
Sulphated ashMax 0.1 %
Colour(number (fan))Max 100
Acid(free as gallic Acid)Max 0.5%
Chlorinated Compounds(Organic (as C1))Max 100 mg/kg, ppm
Chlorine(Total)Max 200 mg/kg, ppm
Chloride (Cl)Max 100 mg/kg, ppm
ZincMax 25 mg/kg, ppm
Total Transition Metal IonsMax 200 mg/kg, ppm
Total Metal IonsMax 200 mg/kg, ppm
Iron IonsMax 100 mg/kg, ppm