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ERYTHRITOL 16952 - DFI-349579

Published: 21/05/2018


Shelf life36 Months
StorageStore inside, under dry conditions.
Country of originUSA


Moisture(50°C) Max:0.15%
Content(Erythritol)99.5 to 100.5%
Content(Ribitol+glycerol) Max:0.1%
Granulometry(Max 250 μm) Max:20%
pH5 to 7
Reducing Sugars Max:0.3%
Content(Specific Conductivity) Max:20μS/cm
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Max:10mg/kg
Lead Max:0.5mg/kg


Total plate count Max:300/g
Yeasts & Moulds Max:50/g

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