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Published: 18/10/2018


DescriptionA moist, light golden brown crystalline product produced by blending cane molasses with white sugar. Free from visible extraneous material and delivering an aroma and flavour characteristic of brown sugars containing cane molasses.
OriginProduced from Sugar Beet grown in the UK and or Raw Cane sugar sourced from non-EU countries and Cane Molasses produced in the USA
Additional InformationCane Molasses
StorageCool, dry environment, preferably between 65 to 85% RH and at 15-20ºC avoiding temperature fluctuations. Storage should be draught free, avoiding direct light and sources of ignition and strong odours.
Shelf life12 months


Solution(Colour)Typically 4000 ICUMSA Units
Loss on drying Max:0.5%
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Max:9mg/kg
Particle sizeTypically 700 Mean Aperture (M)
Content(Cane Molasses)Typically 1.3%
Lead Max:0.5mg/kg
Arsenic Max:1mg/kg
Packaging25 kg


Mesophylic Bacteria Max:1200per g
Yeasts Max:50per g
Moulds Max:50per g

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