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Published: 02/10/2018


DescriptionWhite free flowing crystalline product, free from abnormal odours and flavours and free from visible extraneous material.
Country of originProduced from sugar beet grown in the UK and or raw cane sugar sorced from non- EU countries.
StorageCool, dry environment, below 65%RH and at 10-20°C avoiding temperature fluctuations in excess of 5°C in any 24h period. The product should not be subject to any draughts. Avoid direct light and sources of ignition. Do not store close to substances with st
Shelf life18 months


Solution(colour)Typically 32 Icumsa
Conductivity(ash) Max:0.02%
Loss on drying Max:0.04%
Reducing Sugars Max:0.04%
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Max:6mg/kg
Particle size(Min 425µm) Max:10%
Particle size(Max 212µm) Max:22%
Insoluble MatterTypically 5-10 mg/kg
Lead Max:0.5mg/kg
Arsenic Max:1mg/kg
Copper Max:2mg/kg


Mesophylic Bacteria Max:200cfu/g
Yeasts Max:10cfu/g
Moulds Max:10cfu/g

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