Green Lipped Mussel Powder (Food Grade) (A)

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Additional Information: Byssal thread is part of the mussel’s anatomy. This is removed during the extraction process. However, due to the variance in the raw material the risk mitigation cannot 100% eliminate byssal threads present in the product. Internal spec for byssal thread: Byssal thread - < 50 count/100g - byssal threads are any byssal thread between the size of 7 mm and above Byssal fragment - < 200 count/100g - byssal threads which are between 2-7 mm in size
Additional Information: This product being a natural raw material, fluctuations may occur (like color changes for example)
Appearance: Light tan free flowing powder
Country of origin: New Zealand
Odour: Characteristic
Packaging: 20kg Cardboard boxes
Shelf life: 36 months
Species: Perna canaliculus
Storage: Store in the original container, protected from light, in a dry and cool place
Taste: Characteristic
Arsenic: Max: 20mg/kg, ppm
Cadmium: Max: 2mg/kg, ppm
Carbohydrates: As reported
Crude Protein: Min: 30g/100g
DHA: As reported
Fatty Acids: As reported
Glycosaminoglycans: Min: 1.5% m/m
Inorganic Arsenic: Max: 2mg/kg, ppm
Lead: Max: 1.5mg/kg, ppm
Lipids: <10 g/100g
Mercury: Max: 0.5mg/kg, ppm
Minerals: Max: 18g/100g
Moisture: Max: 8g/100g
Ratio: Approx 10:1
Escherichia Coli: Max: 30per gram
Salmonella: Not detected per 25g
Staphylococcus aureus: Max: 100per gram
Total Aerobic Plate Count: Max: 10000cfu/g
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