STPP Powder Food Grade

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Applications: STTP is a sodium tripolyphosphate in powder form that dissolves quickly under strong agitation and slow addition to the brine. Cold conditions enhance the speed of dissolution
CAS No.: 7758-29-4
Country of origin: Belgium
Description: Sodium tripolyphosphate food grade. Hygroscopic white powder. Risk of caking
E number: E451
EINECS No.: 231-838-7
Formula: Na5P3O10
Grade: Food Grade
Molecular weight: 368
Packaging: 25kg Multiwall paper bags
Properties: STTP is a phosphate salt with a high sequestering capacity and an alkaline pH. Easy to dissolve, it interacts in various food systems with proteins and cations, to stabilise colour, maintain shelf life, enhance water holding capacity and promote emulsification
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage: Store in a cool, dry and odourless place. Protect from humidity. Keep in the packaging of origin, shrink wrapped
Arsenic: Max: 1ppm, mg/kg
Assay: Min: 85%
Bulk Density: 0.65 to 0.85g/cm³
Bulk Density: 41 to 53lbs/ft³
Cadmium: Max: 1ppm, mg/kg
Fluorine: Max: 10ppm, mg/kg
Granulometry: cumulated retain on: 500 μm (± 35 US mesh) Typically <1%
Higher Polyphosphates: Max: 1%
Identification: Fulfils the required conditions to comply with FCC tests
Insoluble Matter: Max: 0.1%
Lead: Max: 1ppm, mg/kg
Loss on desiccation: Max: 0.5%
Mercury: Max: 0.1ppm, mg/kg
P2O5 (as anhydrous): 56 to 58%
pH: 9.1 to 10.1
Sodium Oxide: Typically 42.1%
Solubility: Typically 14 g/100g water @ 20°C
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