Tri Calcium Citrate Tetrahydrate Powder

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Appearance: Tricalcium citrate is a white, odourless, crystalline powder or fine powder
Applications: Due to it's functional properties and health benefits, tricalcium citrate is widely used as a calcium source in foodstuffs, nutritional supplements, dietary products and pharmaceutical applications
CAS No.: 5785-44-4
Characteristic: Conforms
Characteristic: It is slightly soluble in water and freely soluble in diluted hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. In contrary to other salts, TCC is better soluble at lower temperatures (so- called "inverse solubility"). It is practically insoluble in alcohol
Colour and Appearance: BY min. 6
Country of origin: Germany
E number: E333
Formula: (C6H5O7)2Ca3.4 H2O
General Information: The most commonly used calcium salt of citric acid is tricalcium dicitrate tetrahydrate, hereinafter rererred to as a tricalcium citrate (TCC). In some countries such as USA, TCC is simply denominated calcium citrate. It is produced by complete neutralization of citric acid with a high purity calcium source such as calcium hydroxide or calcium carbonate. With it's high calcium content of 21%, tricalcium citrate is the most economic calcium salt among the commonly used organic calcium salts
Molecular weight: 570.50 g/mol
Packaging: 25kg in Polyethylene lined paper bags
Shelf life: 60 months
Storage: Keep container tightly closed in a dry, well ventilated place. Never allow product to get in contact with water during storage. Temperature <30°C Relative Humidity <70°C
Synonyms: Calcium citrate
Acid Insoluble: Max: 0.2%
Aluminium: Max: 30mg/kg, ppm
Arsenic: Max: 1mg/kg, ppm
Assay: 97.5 to 100.5%
Calcium (Ca): 21.1%
Carbonates: Conforms
Density: 1.831
Fluoride: Max: 30mg/kg, ppm
Granulations: Min: 99%
Granulations: Min: 50%
Heat: During heat treatment, it is less reactive than other calcium salts due to it's inverse solubility. With regard to it's superior physiological compatibility as well as significantly better bioavailability, TCC is preferred over inorganic calcium sources such as calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate
Identification: Conforms
Lead: Max: 1mg/kg, ppm
Loss on drying: 10 to 13.3%
Mercury: Max: 1mg/kg, ppm
Oxalic Acid: Max: 100mg/kg, ppm
pH: 5 to 6.5
Solubility: Approx. 1 g/l
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Published Date: 2022-05-26 10:29:42
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Appearance: Fine white free flowing powder
CAS No.: 5785-44-4
Country of origin: Israel
E number: E-333
EINECS No.: 212-391-7
Formula: Ca3(C6H5O7)2*4H2O
Molecular weight: 570.6
Odour: Odourless
Packaging: 20 kg Polyethylene-lined multi wall paper bags
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place
Uses: Calcium fortification food, Dietary supplements, Acidity regulator in food, Firming agent, Not for use in the preparation of injectable solutions
Acid Insoluble: Max: 0.2%
Aflatoxin: <0.5 ppb
Aflatoxin: <2 ppb
Aluminium: Max: 30ppm, mg/kg
Arsenic: Max: 0.5ppm, mg/kg
Assay: 97.5 to 100.5%
Assay: 20.4 to 21.8%
Assay: 23.5 to 24.2%
Bulk Density: Min: 650gr/l
Cadmium: Max: 0.5ppm, mg/kg
Carbonates: Passes test
Fluoride: Max: 30ppm, mg/kg
Granulations: Typical 73 micron
Granulations: Typical 43 micron
Granulations: Typical 120 micron
Heavy metals: Max: 5ppm, mg/kg
Identification: Meets FCC/USP tests
Lead: <0.2 ppm, mg/kg
Loss on drying: 10 to 13%
Manganese (Mn): Max: 50ppm, mg/kg
Mercury: Max: 0.1ppm, mg/kg
Nitrite: Not detectable
Oxalate: Max: 100ppm, mg/kg
pH: 4.5 to 7.8
Solubility: Insoluble
Solubility: Almost insoluble
Total Aflatoxin: < 4 ppb
Bacillus Cereus: Absent in 10g
Coliforms: Max: 10cfu/g
Escherichia Coli: Absent in 10g
Listeria monocytogenes: Absent in 25g
Moulds: Max: 10cfu/g
Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Absent in 10g
Salmonella: Absent in 25g
Staphylococcus aureus: Absent in 10g
Total Viable Count: Max: 500cfu/g
Yeasts: Max: 10cfu/g
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Published Date: 2022-10-31 14:12:59
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